GSSP for Jiangshanian Stage


The GSSP is located at the Jiangshan City, western Zhejiang Province, China. The GSSP is exposed in a natural outcrop near Duibian Village. It is defined at the base of a limestone (wackestone) layer 108.12 m above the base of the Huayansi Formation in the Duibian B section, coinciding with the first appearance of the cosmopolitan agnostoid trilobite Agnostotes orientalis (base of the A. orientalis Zone). The GSSP is at a position of 28° 48.977´N latitude and 118º 36.887´E longitude.


At the Duibian B section, Zhejiang Province, South China.

In the Duibian B section, the upper part of the Huayansi Formation consists mainly of a succession of dark, thin-bedded limestones (wackestones) with thin shale interbeds; light-colored ribbon limestones (wackstones or packstones) are present in places.

Primary Markers:

FAD of the cosmopolitan polymerid trilobite Irvingella angustilimbata.

Secondary Markers:

Radiometric Dating:

Stable Carbon Isotopes:
The GSSP coincides near the end of a large positive carbon isotopic excursion (SPICE excursion).

Correlation Events:

FAD of agnostid trilobite Agnostotes orientalis and the FO of polymerid trilobite Irvingella angustilimbata

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Notes on Derivation of Age:


Peng Shanchi, Babcock L E, Zuo Jingxun, Zhu Xuejian et al., 2012. Global Standard Stratotype-section and Point (GSSP) for the base of the Jiangshanian Stage (Cambrian: Furongian) at Duibian, Jiangshan, Zhejiang, Southeast China. Episodes, 35(4): 462-477.