The Neogene Subseries/Subepochs are Formal Chronostratigraphic Units

The Subcommission of Neogene Stratigraphy (SNS) is pleased to announce the ratification by the Executive Committee of the IUGS on 13 October 2021 of its proposal for formalization of the Neogene Subseries/Subepochs. This follows the ratification by the same committee on 1 May 2021 of a proposal by the International Commission on Stratigraphic Classification (ISSC) to recognize the rank of Subseries/Subepoch as formal and to be integrated in the International Chronostratigraphic Chart (ICC).

The vote for formal Neogene Subseries/Subepochs, initiated on 20 May 2021, gave rise to a healthy discussion in which virtually all members of the SNS participated, followed by a vote in which 81.25% of the members voted for formalization. In addition to the insertion of the Neogene Subseries/Subepochs in the ICC, every interested party should inform colleagues, students, authors, editors and publishers of the new formal status of the Neogene Subseries/Subepochs.

Marie-Pierre Aubry
SNS Secretary