“The Internetian Age: a new Stage in the ICS’ information timeline”

An ICS special presentation

The ICS is please to announce a special presentation:

The Internetian Age: a new Stage in the ICS’ information timeline

A data graph


The International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) has produced authoritative information about chronostratigraphy in print and digital image for many years but is now embarking on authoritative data publication, using the Internet for delivery.

This presentation will contain a review of unofficial versions of ICS data that have been published for about the last decade, in particular so-called Semantic Web or Knowledge Graph forms of the Chart. Next, the potential benefits to ICS information users that could flow from the ICS publishing a new and authoritative Knowledge Graph form of the Chart will be given. To make clear the progress towards such a form and the work left to do in this regard, some aspects of Knowledge Graph temporal modelling will be explained and how the ICS currently does, and how it may in the future, publish data via the Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI). Finally, some planned data experiments using future forms of ICS data within larger geoscience Knowledge Graphs will be outlined.

About the presenter:

Nicholas Car is a Computer Scientist specialising in data semantics within the earth and environmental sciences. He holds a PhD in applied informatics for production irrigation and spent many years as a Data Architect at Australian geoscience agencies. Currently he is providing data modelling for data transformation projects at the Geological Surveys of Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia and is the webmaster of the International Commission on Stratigraphy. He is also an editor of Open Geospatial Consortium Internet spatial data standards.

The talk will be streamed live at 16:00 GMT 7 December 2022 on Zoom. It will last approximately 60 minutes, including time for questions. All are welcome to join the presentation. Subcommission chairs are invited to circulate the information and contact link, when available, to their members. The talk will also be recorded for those who cannot attend the live stream. Further details and link will be available shortly.

If you would like to join the videoconference for this presentation, please contact the ICS secretary, Phill Gibbard.

Phil Gibbard
ICS GSecretary