New ICS Subcommission announced:

International Subcommission on Timescale Calibration

In response to a growing number of geoscientists who increasingly work on the interface of time and stratigraphy, and in an effort to provide a platform for promoting integration between the traditionally stratigraphic communities of the ICS with the radioisotopic communities that have not been a central focus of ICS activities, a new International Subcommission on Timescale Calibration (ISTC) has been initiated, the first new subcommission established within the ICS structure since 2012. The subcommission’s objective will not be to ‘approve’ any particular numerical calibration of the International Chronostratigraphic Chart, but rather to provide advice and counsel to existing ICS Subcommissions on geochronological issues, to encourage best practices and inter-laboratory calibrations to timescale problems and to provide a forum for increasing collaboration between chronostratigraphical and geochronological research.

The Executive will be as follows:

Bradley D. Cramer
Associate Professor
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242, USA

Mark D. Schmitz
Department of Geosciences
Boise State University
Boise, Idaho, 83725, USA

Anne-Christine DaSilva
Lecturer, Invited Professor
Department of Geology
Université de Liège
B-4000 Liège, Belgium